Welcome to Thurston Fire Chiefs!    

The Thurston County Fire Chiefs Association is comprised of chief officers and affiliate members from the many emergency response agencies that provide service within Thurston County, Washington.  Covering 777 square miles, Thurston County is located 60 miles south of Seattle on the southern tip of Puget Sound.  Twelve fire departments provide Fire, EMS, and technical rescue services to nearly 260,000 full-time residents.


The Assocation exists to provide leadership and support in developing effective fire agency systems throughout and in formulating county fire and EMS policy, and fosters communications and sharing among chief fire officers within Thurston County. 


The goals of this Association are to further the professional advancement of the fire service through education, training, legislation and other means as may be available to ensure and maintain greater protection of life, property and environment from fire, disaster, or other emergencies.  To carry out these goals, the Association shall:

  • Promote fire prevention, fire suppression and fire-based emergency medical service by legislation and by education of both the general public and the fire service. 
  • Develop managerial and technical resources in areas such as training, equipment, communications and emergency medical services for the mutual benefit of the fire services system within Thurston County. 
  • Develop and support activities, which provide for the common fellowship and integration ofthe fire service through the county of Thurston. 
  • Cultivate an environment for the interchange of ideas and the promotion of a positive approach for growth and learning.